State Library Budget Update

From Kendall Wiggin, State Librarian, July 1, 2015

The state budget Act (HB 7061) signed by the Governor yesterday enacts the budget numbers I had previously reported for the State Library.

The  Act implementing the provisions of the state budget (SB 1502)  was also signed by the Governor yesterday. It  included a further reduction in the State Library's operating expenses, but did not further reduce any of the other programs in State Library's budget.

The Act (SB 1501) authorizing bonds for capital projects that was passed by the General Assembly on Monday included $12 million for public library construction grants ($5 million in FY16 and $7 million in FY17) and $3.6 million for  providing over 90 public libraries with high speed connections to the Connecticut Education Network (CEN).   I will be providing more information on this significant new funding later this summer, but basically this will insure that all principal public libraries will have high speed fiber connections to the CEN.

Please take this opportunity to thank your members of the Governor and the General Assembly for their support for Connecticut's libraries - one of Connecticut's best bargains.


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